Who We Are

A Few Words About Us

One day a few months ago, around the beginning of summer, I started my car to discover that my air conditioning wasn't working. It was 85 degrees outside, and I have my toddler in the backseat, so this is clearly an untenable situation. When I told my mechanic about the issue, he quickly identified the problem, a bad AC blower, but he didn't have any of them in stock. Even worse, it would be over a week before one was available! Fortunately, my family survived that week without AC in the summer, but I wanted to make it my mission to ensure that something like this would never happen again.

After a lot a brainstorming, we decided to figure out a way to get parts from the warehouse to the customer more quickly, and we stumbled upon a better solution: why don't we put that power in the customer's hands through 3D Printing? And from there, this endeavor (and 3dpartspros.com) was born. I see this as the perfect way for customers, especially those who are serious about their cars, to get the parts they want, when they want, for much cheaper than ordering on Amazon or from a warehouse in the middle of nowhere. So...Welcome! Go through the site. Make yourself comfortable. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns about the site or what I'm trying to accomplish with it, I'm easy to find at greshawn12@gmail.com.